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Training and Workout Cones

Field cones are a great piece of training equipment used in various sports to provide direction during agility drills. Cone drills can improve any training routine by enhancing agility, speed, balance, strength, and maximizing performance. With the timed sets, an athlete can focus on fast movements over short distances. 

 Besides being a dynamic warm-up routine, cones are a great workout tool to exercise core muscles in the lower body. They are also used to mark areas for races, kids' parties, playgrounds, games, obstacles course, and parking lots.   

 Cintz Field cone markers are lightweight, and highly visible, making them a valuable choice for any field training. These heavy-duty 9" cones are made of Low-Density Poly Ethylene, which is soft and yet durable enough to withstand rough everyday use. Each cone has an embossed Cintz logo. The cones come in sets of 10, which is an optimal number for usage in any activity. The diverse use and bright vibrant colors make it a fun toy or gift for any age. 


Simple Cone Drills for warm up: 

Two Cones Drill:

Stand in between two cones set approximately one foot apart. Jump with right foot over and outside of the right cone, then left foot over and outside of the left cone. Step back inside with the right foot, followed by the left one. Repeat.

Three Cone Drill:

Keep three cones approximately 5 meters apart from each other that marks a boundary for a triangle. Start sprinting from cone 1, follow the outside of Cone 2. Continue on to outside Cone 3 and back to Cone 1. Repeat.

Four Cone Drill

Place four cones creating a boundary for a rectangle with each cone set 5 meters apart with cone1 and 3 placed diagonal, and cone2 and 4 placed diagonally. Start with the inside of Cone1 and sprint towards cone three diagonally. From the outside of cone 3, sprint towards the outside of Cones cone 2, then diagonally towards the outside of cone4. Sprint back to cone 1. Repeat.

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